Anonymous said:
The person in the picture is Douglas Booth :)

thank u guys drfghjkljhgfghjk 

I love you all so much <3

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letroyler said:
isnt that douglas booth???


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Hello guys, our queen was nominated on “Entertainer Of The Year ” and we just need vote for Ty. We can vote HERE everyday, but only once in day, “we” won 2 TCA and I think it’s so easy for us. Bye (don’t be lazy and do it).

Anonymous said:
Обожаю твой блог <3

сейчас вот было неожиданно :D 

спасибо иысдбриовс <3

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jsorcerer said:
Where can i find the video of Troye with miranda-like lipstick if I may ask? :)

about 0:45 here

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Anonymous said:
Hi! You make AMAZING gifs and I was wondering if you could tell me how you make them?

Hi, open Photoshop 5, then File-Import-Video Frames… and then I just make moment that I need, and then I using PSD files, colors, fronts etc :)

thanks <3

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Anonymous said:
hello, where are you from?

Hi, I’m from Russia 

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